CLIENT: Shiseido | CAMPAIGN PERIOD: 90days (27.08.2009 ~ 27.11.2009)


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This site is a promotional site for new hair styling spray "FOG BAR" from Shiseido.The mission was very simple.
"FOG BAR" to the consumers, without spending the budget on Medium cost. The main target range was 15~30 years old.


The site's goal was to spread the name "FOG BAR" to the people. So we decided to get users themselves to appear on the "FOG BAR" commercial and promote it for us! To get users to join in easily, we have made the flow as simple as possible. You just need one step, "up-load your photo". That's it. Your FOG BAR commercial is ready to be shared!
You can send it to friends and family, upload it to YouTube on just one click, paste it on to your blog as a gadget, share it on your mobile phones. *Same promotion was done on the mobile phone at the same time.


We have made the flow as simple as possible, to make people participate quckly and easily.
"Up-load your photo" and "type in your e-mail". That's it. Your own gallery and 7 different types of your FOG BAR movies are ready to be shared!



In Japan, over 90% of high school students carries a mobile phone, where else only 21% of them has a PC. From that point, carrying out this campaign on "Mobile phones" were very important measures to reach out to those core-targets(teenangers). Basically it has a same flow as a PC. Results were very succcessfull. By looking at the uploaded photos from mobile phone, we found that more than 30% were high school students playing with it in groups - which means this contents has reached the core-target successfully.



Over 45,900 photo was uploaded (including photos from mobile phones) in just 90 days, movies were played over 137,000 times on YouTube, (it has been deleted now on the end of the campaign. There are 3 lefted for the award samples.) More than 2,000 movies were pasted on user's blogs in 90days from the start of the campaign.By looking at the uploaded photos, especially, high-school students(core target) were enjoying this contents very much, which means this content was reaching its core-target successfully.


* Japanese Magazine "Nikkei-trendy" has announced "Japan's Top 30(best sold) product 2009" on Nov. 2.
2009. FOG BAR has been successfully nominated in the 7th place!

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ENTER MAIN SITE *Site is a Demo version.
ユーザCMギャラリー *Demo version of user's "My Gallery".
FOG BARチャンネル *Channel on YouTube.
All the movies were deleted except 3 samples.